Organizing Partners

  • Buzzard Bay Coalition
  • New Bedford Whaling Museum
  • Buttonwood Park Zoo
  • Community Boating
  • Operation Clean Sweep
  • Be the Solution to Pollution
  • UMass-Dartmouth Office for Campus Sustainability
  • Lloyd Center for the Environment
  • The James Arnold Mansion; Out On A Limb
  • Superflat NB
  • Eating with The EcoSystem
  • The Zeiterion Theater
  • AHA City Arts
  • New Bedford Science Cafe
  • Our Sisters School
  • Massachusetts Audubon / South Coast Sanctuaries
  • New Bedford Economic Development Council
  • South Coast Chamber of Commerce
  • South Coast Film Forum
  • Superflat NB
  • Beatriz & Company
  • Marching Forward / Mass
  • Town of Fairhaven
  • New Bedford Department of Environmental Stewardship
  • Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District
  • City of New Bedford Department of Public Infrastructure
  • City of New Bedford: Parks and Rec. Department
  • City of New Bedford, Energy Office
  • New Bedford Port Authority/New Bedford Sustainable Seafood
  • New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park
  • New Bedford Art Museum/Artworks
  • Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust
  • Climate Reality Massachusetts /SouthCoast
  • Sunrise Group U.Mass
  • Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU)
  • Marion Institute / New Bedford Schools Farm-to-School Program
  • UMass-Dartmouth: MassPirg
  • Massachusetts Aquaculture Association
  • Coastal Food Shed

Earth Day 2020 Promises and Pledges

Our organizing partners and other Earth Day friends, mostly non-profits in education, the arts, conservation and environmental learning, created a series of ideas in the form of pledges that we now ask people to make,which adjust our consumer behavior to better the environment.

Buzzard Bay Coalition

Works to restore and protect our region’s waterways and coast

Pledge: Get involved in local town government to encourage better protection of our Bay, river and drinking water

Buttonwood Park Zoo

Is dedicated to preserving the future of wildlife by creating engaging and educational experiences that connect the community to the natural world.

Pledge: Learn about the growing and harvesting of palm oil, which is disasterously impacting animal and bird habitat around the globe,

UMass Dartmouth

UMD Sustainability Program offers courses promoting sustainable, balanced, and ethical alternatives to present practices.

Pledge: Save energy by using cold water to wash clothes

UMass-Dartmouth Masspirg

Works with professional staff at colleges and universities togprovide the training, professional support and resources students need to tackle climate change, protect public health, revitalize our democracy, feed the hungry and more.

Pledge: Support the 100% Renewable Energy Act by writing letters, making calls and other actions

Community Boating

Is adapting their sustainability policy to focus on ocean stewardship

Pledge: Become an ocean steward by teaching at least one person about marine debris and why it’s harmful. 

New Bedford Whaling Museum

Promotes learning through explorations of art, history, science and culture rooted in the stories of people, the region, and the seaport.

Pledge: Protect whale species in the Atlantic Ocean by properly disposing of all trash and recyclables

NB Science Cafe

Holds free monthly events with guest scientists engaging around a variety of topics across science and technology.

Pledge: Promote the elimination and banning of the herbicide Round Up, which puts humans and other beings at risk for cancer

Mass. Audubon

Is integrating climate change into their mission through conservation, education, and advocacy.

Pledge: Actively promote offshore wind and other alternative energies

Lloyd Center for the Environment

Promotes protecting nature through research, education, and outreach

Pledge: Protect nature through the education of children, our future leader

Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust

An accredited land trust which has protected more than 5,000 acres of land and maintains more than 37 miles of hiking trails.

Pledge: Carry out what you carry in when you walk woodland trails

Operation Clean Sweep

Is an all-volunteer anti-litter campaign group, raising awareness about the far-reaching effect of trash and litter on our environment , and organizing clean-ups.

Pledge: Dispose of waste properly and don’t litter

Be the Solution to Pollution

Does shoreline cleanups of the South Coast, and educates the public about the hazards of plastic pollution in our environment, especially in the ocean.

Pledge: Promote a switch to reusable straws, utensils and takeout containers

Our Sisters School

Educates and inspires economically disadvantaged girls from the New Bedford area, empowering them for the future with valuable life skills.

Pledge: Stop supporting fast-fashion, which is harmful to the environment and supports the unequal wages of overseas laborers. Instead: reduce, reuse, and recycle clothing

James Arnold Mansion

Is a historic mansion built in 1821, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. The home of the famous arborist James Arnold educates the public about trees through their Out on a Limb program.

Pledge: Plant one or more saplings each year

The New Bedford Port Authority’s

Primary charge is to support the port by implementing best management practices with port resources, and developing sustainable growth strategies.

Pledge: Eat locally sourced fish, especially underutilized species

Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District

Provides a much needed municipal service for solid waste disposal and a wide range of recycling programs.

Pledge: Reduce, reuse and recycle household trash, including bottles, cans, jugs, paper, & cardboard. Discard wipes, latex gloves, & paper towels in the trash.

City of New Bedford Department of Public Infrastructure

Manages the health and efficiency of five divisions: water, wastewater, highways engineering and cemeteries

Pledge: Help stop stormwater pollution by not allowing anything but rainwater or snowmelt go into storm drains

City of New Bedford Energy Office

Promotes the cost reductions and associated emission benefits of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and electricity supply to all our residents to improve quality of life.

Pledge: Take an online energy assessment at Mass Save

New Bedford Department of Environmental Stewardship

Supports the City’s efforts to be in compliance with environmental laws and regulations, and administers the Wetlands Protection Act and wetlands regulation.

Pledge: Consider a “green” career & sign up for New Bedford’s Environment Workforce Training Program

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park

Preserves, protects, and interprets the cultural resources associated with the local history of New Bedfords’ 19th-20th century whaling industry, global immigration, the Underground Railroad, women’s history, cultural diversity, architecture, and art.

Pledge: Choose a hybrid vehicle for your next car

YOU Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Fosters youth development in the Greater New Bedford Community

Pledge: Increase your use of non-car transportation by walking, biking or bussing

Coastal Food Shed

Strengthens the Southcoast’s local food economy by making it easier for growers to sell, and consumers to buy, healthy, affordable, local foods, for all.

Pledge: Buy and support local farmers and food producers

Eating with the EcoSystem

Promotes a place-based approach to sustaining New England’s wild seafood, through flourishing food webs, healthy habitats, and short, adaptive seafood supply chains

Pledge: Eat a diversity of local seafood

Marion Institute

Promotes an alternative approach to whole-body health. 

Pledge: Track where your food comes from in order to reduce “food miles” and CO2 emissions

Massachusetts Aquaculture Association

Promotes the continued development of aquaculture (i.e. the farming of aquatic products), and to improve conditions affecting aquaculture in Massachusetts

Pledge: Eat local farm-raised oysters

South Coast Film Forum

Promotes the power of film, art and ideas to inspire audiences to create a better world.

Pledge: Get involved to demand climate action from your local and state legislators

Climate Reality Massachusetts/ Southcoast Chapter

Through a network of regional chapters works for practical climate solutions in communities and urges us all to fight for a sustainable future.

Pledge: Reduce your transportation’s carbon imprint by not idling your car, by batching errands and seeking alternatives to driving

Super Flat NB

Is a creative placemaking, mural art project dedicated to beautifying New Bedford while flattening barriers to the arts.

Pledge: Use public art as a form of activism to spark conversation and understanding.